Tuesday, January 02, 2007

summer palace and restaurant

these are some pics of me, family and friends at the summer palace. it was soooo damn cold that day but we still had a great time. last are pics at the greatest duck restaurant in the world...

this is a cool picture of my cousin, grace, sam and myself in that order from left to right.

here i am with grace at the lake of the summer palace, built by an empress of china who stole the money reserved to build a navy for the dynasty. haha

here is a nice little panoramic of the lake at the summer palace. a man made lake, workers were forced to dig it out of the ground with their bare hands. off into the distance in into the right, there is a mountain with a tower on top of it (cant see it in this pic). that mountain was created by the earth uncovered in this project. did you notice you can see my cousin in three places?

here i am at dinner as grace is trying to strangle me to death. at this moment, my eyes began to roll back into my head, the life slowly draining from my skin as my lungs tried desperately in vain for one last gulp of fresh air....

here i am eating the most amazing duck ive ever had in my life at a place called "emperor duck". it was so fresh, so crisp, so tasty.... i miss it. (p.s. the tacky sweater is on because beijing was freezing cold cindy).


At 8:52 PM, Blogger Grace said...

You made the order wrong in the first picture. I am the one on the left, Smaro (excuse me if i spell it wrong) is to my right. Didn't you notice the shadow of my bag?


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